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Amendments & Notices


Notes of Amendments to LMYC Sailing Instructions, in this section, are posted as an aid to Members. Formal Amendments are posted on the LMYC Notice Board in compliance with LMYC Sailing Instruction 32.

Amendments must be read in conjunction with the current (2016-2017 Whitebook) and should be posted there in.

Notes of Amendments Racing Rules of Sailing, YA Special Regulations or YA Interpretations are posted as an aid to Members. YA Amendments and Interpretations may be downloaded from the YA website. These Amendments should be pasted into the YA Racing Rules of Sailing (The Blue Book)

2016- 2017 LMYC Sailing Instructions

20/3/17Amendment # 6 affecting windward leeward courses

26/1/17 LMYC COPS Amendment 1

16/1/17 Amendment #5 to SIs affecting Etchells

09/01/17 Amendment # 4 to SIs Div 4 Pulbah course change

11.11.16 Amendment #3 to SIs - SRM Relocation 

16.09.16 Amendment #2 to SIs - Colour of Fix Marks

 9.09.16 Amendment #1 to SIs - Colour of Fix Marks

19.11.16 Amendments to Melges 24 SIs 

2016 YA Rules of Saling

YA Racing Rules of Sailing Amendment # 2 advertising prescription to RRS 80 YA RRS Amendment 2

YA Special Regulations 

YA Special Regulations Amendment # 5 affecting fire extinguisher, testing, servicing and tagging was withdrawn by YA on 19 June 2015

YA Special Regulations Amendment # 4 changing medication for seasickness YA SRs Amendment 4

≈ YA Special Regulations Amendment # 3 permitting a Club's cruising Division to adopt or develop special regulations for cruising events. Full text on the YA website!

≈ YA Special Regulations Amendment # 2 clarifying that SR 3.03 refers to monohulls only. Full text on the YA website

 YA Special Regulations Amendment # 1 affecting Toilets, Bunks and Gallies YA SRs Amendment 1

YA amendments updated version of the Special Regulations for Part 1 - Keelboats, re-issued 28 August 2013 please see link below Services/Special Regs 2013 - 2017


Notices posted in this section is useful information for Members and do not have the status of Amendments or Changes to Instructions or Rules.