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Divisions & Classes

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The LMYC 2016-2017 Sailing Instruction Booklet (White Book) sections 1 to 39 has comprehensive information about our Sailing activities. Pages 32 - 43 contain the various courses and a course map is on page 44.

The following is a Short summary of each.

Saturday Racing        

Saturday Racing is conducted from September through to end of March. The racing is over a total of 24 races approximately divided into Seasons.

There are four (4) Divisions using courses around fixed marks and two (2) Classes using windward/leeward courses.

♦ Division 1 is for larger faster boats using spinnakers.

♦ Division 2 is for faster larger boats not using spinnakers.

♦ Division 3 is for smaller faster boats using spinnakers.  

♦ Division 4 is for smaller slower boats using spinnakers combined with medium sized boats not using spinnakers.

♦ The Etchells Class also have two (2) races on Saturdays. [White Book page 15]

Wednesday Racing

Racing is conducted on Wednesday afternoons all year round and is for non-spinnaker boats, both sweepstake and point score results are calculated. These races are generally handicap starts. During Daylight saving, a scratch start is conducted on the first Wednesday of each month. 

Twilight Racing

Generally, in line with daylight saving time, twilight races are conducted with the initial start time at 1800 hours with the exception of the first and last 3 races of the series which are started at 1730 hours. Graduated scratch starts are conducted to avoid congestion at the start line.

Winter Racing

During winter starting on the third Sunday in May, racing is conducted over an 11 race series. The racing is both for non-spinnaker and spinnaker boats with both sweepstake and point scores being conducted.

Offshore Racing

A series of six (6) races are conducted during the period September to March. These races involve staying overnight at another port with a return race the following day. Racing is usually during daylight hours.